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Background Screening Solutions for Every Company

Your Partner In Making Vital Decisions

Beacon Background Screening Services, LLC is a multi-jurisdictional provider specializing in Tenant and Employment Screening.    We work one on one with Property Managers, Realtors, Homeowners, Service Providers, Schools, Hospitals and Mobile Home Communities to ensure that each and every tenant and employee is screened completely and that the information reported is accurate and up-to-date.  Our client reports have all the information you need to make sound business decisions.


Today, there is a heightened sense of awareness regarding the safety one feels in their homes and in their work environments.   Background screening is a necessity for learning more about the people whom you will live and work with.  It is an unfortunate fact, that not all applicants are completely honest when filling out an application.   A history of criminal behavior, a history of domestic or workplace violence may dictate if the candidate is a good fit for your community or your business.  We work diligently to research and evaluate the worthiness of those with whom contractual agreements may be linked to, so our customers can have the peace of mind they deserve.


Since 2005, our experienced background screening staff has worked closely with our clients.   We have several packages available and customize packages for clients with special requirements.  It is because of our client relationships that today we are proud to say we continue to service our very 1st client. Every client is important to us!  Whether you have one property or 200 properties that you manage, whether you have one employee or 500, you are important!    Customer service is our main priority. 


Please visit our Services Page for more information. Don't hesitate to Contact Us today for a free consultation!

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Clients We Partner With
  • Property Management Companies

  • Realtors & Leasing Agents

  • Homeowners & Landlords

  • Home Health Care Providers 

  • Nanny Services

  • Mobile Home Communities

  • Employers

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