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A Little Bit About Your Partners

About Us

Beacon Background Screening Service

is an experienced Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) that has been providing Tenant and Employment screening to businesses and landlords across the nation since 2005.   We provide quick and easy to read results to help determine if your prospective tenant or employee is right for you!


Customer Relationships

have always been the foundation for Beacon Background Screening Services. We are a woman owned and family operated business. As such, we value relationships and strongly believe in getting to know our customers and educating each client on the different types of background checks available.  Your safety and security are important to us, and it is our mission to help you feel comfortable and confident with your business decisions.


Education and Experience

are what make the staff at Beacon Background Screening Services the most qualified individuals in the industry. With over 25 years of combined experience, our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality reports - with the most comprehensive, timely and cost-effective information available. Our staff participates in annual training and stays up to date with changes to local and federal laws. We are sensitive to the privacy of all applicants and are in full compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


Everyone Benefits

when businesses make a commitment to a background check their employees, service contractors, volunteers, health care workers, and residents because the people who come into contact with these people each and every day now can feel a sense of security.   Not only is it rewarding to know that our clients are safer because they selected Beacon Background Screening Services to provide a background check based on the "Best Practices" but our staff sleeps at night knowing we did our due diligence for our clients.  We always go the extra mile! Just ask our customers, they are happy to give us a reference! 

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