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Employee Screening Services

Employee Screening

As an employer, safety and security should be the major priority for your business and your employees. By taking the time to screen each applicant, you will have peace of mind knowing that the person you are hiring is exactly who they claim to be.


We have comprised a list of the services we offer below to help you make the best decision and to hire the right employee for the job.  Our reports are FCRA Compliant and will help minimize risk to your business by providing the most accurate and up to date information available.  


Contact Us to learn more about how we can help you make the best hiring decisions.


Criminal Background Checks

Criminal records are searched for any misdemeanors (that have occurred within 7 years) and felonies (that have occurred within a lifetime). This search also includes criminal traffic offenses such as DUIs.  Our report will include any information available pertaining to convictions, date, and nature of the offense, sentencing dates, and disposition.


Social Security Validation

SSN are determined to be active, valid, and associated with the correct name listed on the application.

Sexual Predator/Sexual Offender Search

With every application that we process, we include a search of the National Sex Offender’s Registry. If an applicant is located on the registry, our report will include any alias used, registered home address, convictions, physical descriptions and any information available as to their compliance.


Employment Verification

Employers are contacted to confirm the applicant’s dates of service, the position held and in some instances, salary verification.


Employment Insight Report

This report is similar to the standard credit report and is run on applicants that may be put in a position where they are responsible to handle large sums of money or have access to company financial data. The information that is gathered provides the employer insight into not only the responsibility toward his/her obligation but the ability and integrity to fulfill his/her financial obligations.


County/Civil Search

County records are searched for cases related to lawsuits, unlawful detainers, restraining orders, traffic infractions, domestic issues, judgments, and liens. Our case information will include party name, dates, case numbers, nature of suits and closing dates.

"Although I only need a few background checks a year, I must say that I have been extremely pleased with the Beacon Background Screening  Services.   Turnaround has been fast and very professional and it has been a delight working with the staff (Stephanie).  I hope to continue this business relationship into the future."

-Terry Cairns

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