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All Of Our Screening Services In One Place!

Screening Service Options

Below is a detailed list, explaining each of the background screening services that we offer.   We have different packages available ranging from very basic to more comprehensive. We also provide the option to customize packages or purchase services individually.  


At Beacon Background Screening, we pride ourselves in getting to know each of our clients and we value the relationships that we establish. We know that each business is unique and has different needs which is why we offer a free consultation to thoroughly understand their specific background screening requirements.   We strive to provide exceptional customer service and to work along with our clients as a vital partner in making important business decisions.


Contact us today for a free consultation or if you have any questions.


Eviction Search 

An extensive search is done to determine if the applicant has a prior history of evictions and what the dispositions are regarding those situations.


7 Yr. Address Search

Each state and county in which the applicant has resided over the past 7 years is determined. This allows us to determine other avenues for which to search local records for any civil records or criminal convictions that may have occurred while the applicant was living there.


Civil Records

County records are searched for cases related to lawsuits, unlawful detainers, restraining orders, traffic infractions, domestic issues, judgments, and liens. Our reports include the party names, dates, case numbers, nature of suits and closing dates.


Sexual Offender

With every application that we process, we include a search of the National Sex Offender’s Registry. If an applicant is located on the registry, our report will include possible alias used, registered home address, convictions, physical descriptions and any information available as to their compliance.


Multi-Jurisdictional Criminal Background Check

This is a simplified, lower-cost option for searching criminal records in a large area. In most instances this search generates the best results available, however not all States and Counties report to this database, thus leaving the chance that something may not show up, that may otherwise be determined with more in-depth research.  When possible records are located, we confirm with local courts and provide all the information available. 


Criminal Records By County

Criminal records are searched for misdemeanors (that have occurred within 7 years) and felonies (that have occurred within a lifetime). This search also includes criminal traffic offenses such as DUIs.  Our report will include any information available pertaining to convictions, date, and nature of the offense, sentencing dates, and disposition.


Credit Report 

Credit Reports are pulled from one of the three major accredited Credit Bureaus. The Credit Report provides valuable information about the prospective applicant to include their most current FICO Score and obligation fulfillment habits. Bankruptcy, Liens, and Judgments, as well as detailed information regarding Collection accounts, are also provided on these reports. Other information often obtained is previous addresses, the Social Security Number, employment information, as well as other names the subject has used, maiden names, other married names, and alias'. 


Worker’s Compensation

Searching the worker’s compensation database will identify any claims made by the applicant against previous employers. Worker’s compensation history is a statewide search that is not available in all states. By law, this search must be conducted post-offer. 


Interns/Volunteer Screening 

We offer a Level I (Florida Interns/Volunteers) background check to verify the identity of the applicant and ensure that there is not a history of criminal behavior. The Level I search includes Statewide Criminal, EPLS (Excluded Party List Systems), history records and OIG (List of Excluded Individuals). 


Professional License and Certification Verification

This search will ensure the validity of the applicants’ license, date of issue, renewal and expiration dates, current status and disciplinary actions were they warranted.


Landlord Verification

Landlords are contacted in most cases in writing to confirm the dates the applicant resided at the property, if there was a signed lease, if sufficient notice was given to vacate, if rent was paid on time, if the deposit was returned and what the condition of the property was when vacated.


Employment Verification

Employers are contacted to confirm the applicant’s dates of service, the position held and in some instances, salary verification.


Educational Verification

Educational credentials are confirmed including dates of attendance, graduation date and degree obtained.


Social Security Validation

SSN are determined to be active, valid, and associated with the correct name listed on the application.


OFAC - Office of Foreign Asset Control

OFAC is the government watch list with names of wanted criminals and terrorists that is collected from several databases around the world. The database was created as a result of the USA Patriotic Act.


Employment Insight Report

This report is similar to the standard credit report and is run on applicants that may be put in a position where they are responsible to handle large sums of money or have access to company financial data. The information that is gathered provides the employer insight into not only the responsibility toward his/her obligation, but the ability and integrity to fulfill his/her financial obligations.


MVR Driving Records

This is a search by State of the Department of Motor Vehicles which contains information about a person's driving history which may include, driver's license status, traffic accidents, driving record points, traffic violations, conviction, fines and DUI's.


EPLS - Excluded Parties List System

A search of the world wide database is performed to determine any information regarding entities debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, excluded or disqualified under the non-procurement common rule. This includes those otherwise declared ineligible from receiving Federal Contracts, certain sub-contracts and certain Federal Assistance and Benefits.


OIG - List of Excluded Individuals

To determine if an applicant has been deemed a sanctioned individual and extensive search is performed with the Office of the Inspector General. The OIG has the authority to exclude individuals and entities from Federally-funded health care programs and maintains a list of all currently excluded individuals titled the List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE). Anyone who hires an individual or entity on the LEIE may be subject to civil monetary penalties (CMP).


Commercial Credit Report

Commercial Credit Reports are designed to predict the likelihood of a company paying its bills in a timely manner. The comprehensive report will include past payment performance, demographic and financial information, and any outstanding suits or liens. Suppliers, banks, lessors, landlords, and customers all use the Commercial Credit Report for various reasons including determination to accept a sale, set credit terms or reject an account, assessing payment delinquency or if at all, deciding if your account should be forwarded for 3rd party collection or whether or not to consider the business as a stable supplier.

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