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Tenant Screening Services

Tenant Screening

Beacon Background Screening is your partner devoted to helping you find the ideal tenant. In today's technology driven world there is a plethora of information available on just about anyone.  The information that we provide to you is in full compliance with the FCRA.  Our reports are in an easy to read format and will provide you the information for each of your prospective tenants, and will assist you in determining if they are the right people for your rental property.


By choosing to do background checks, you are committing to keeping your community safe as well as protecting yourself and your property. Below is a full list of each tenant screening services. We have several packages and we offer you the availability to customize a package that fits your specific business needs.


Please don't hesitate to Contact Us with any questions. Our friendly office staff is always happy to assist you!


Credit Report

Credit Reports are pulled from one of the three major accredited Credit Bureaus. The Credit Report provides valuable information about the prospective applicant to include their most current FICO Score and obligation fulfillment habits. Bankruptcy, Liens, and Judgments, as well as detailed information regarding Collection accounts, are also provided on these reports. Other information often obtained is previous addresses, the Social Security Number, employment information, as well as other names the subject has used, maiden names, other married names, and alias'.


Criminal and Civil Searches by County

Criminal records are searched for misdemeanors (that have occurred within 7 years) and felonies (that have occurred within a life time). This search also includes criminal traffic offenses such as DUIs.  Our report will include any information available pertaining to convictions, date and nature of the offense, sentencing dates and disposition.


Eviction Search

An extensive search is done to determine if the applicant has a prior history of evictions and what the dispositions are regarding those situations.


Sexual Predator/Sexual Offender Search

With every application that we process, we include a search of the National Sex Offender’s Registry. If an applicant is located on the registry, our report will include possible alias used, registered home address, convictions, physical descriptions and any information available as to their compliance.


7 Year Address Search

Each state and county in which the applicant has resided over the past 7 years is determined. This allows us to determine other avenues for which to search local records for any civil records or criminal convictions that may have occurred while the applicant was living there.


Landlord Verification

Landlords are contacted in most cases in writing to confirm the dates the applicant resided at the property, if there was a signed lease, if sufficient notice was given to vacate, if rent was paid on time, if the deposit was returned and what the condition of the property was when vacated.


Employment Verification

Employers are contacted to confirm the applicant’s dates of service, the position held and in some instances, salary verification.

"In property management and leasing, a key factor in placing a good tenant is a complete background and credit screening.  I have used Beacon Background Screening since 2008 and have had great success.  They are very knowledgeable, thorough and have a quick turnaround time for reports.  There are other huge companies out there that charge less, but beware.  They advertise that they do nationwide searches.  What they don't tell you is that not all counties report to the database.  So if the person you are screening has other addresses in counties that do not report, Beacon will personally send someone to the courthouse to review the records and confirm there are no defaults.  Beacon Background is simply THE BEST!" 

- Jenny Rossi, Broker/Owner, Rent Sarasota

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